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Welcome to Eduinfra solutions. You have reached a one stop solution for all your NCTE and NAAC accreditation needs. We offer time tested solutions and have so far successfully helped over 200 colleges with their accreditation needs.

For students, we offer a complete list of text books for your M.Ed, B.Ed and D.T.Ed courses. Our books and guides are upto date and drafted as per the syllabus of TamilNadu Teacher's Education University and government norms.

Our services are unique, cost effective and designed to give you the cutting edge in all your activities.


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Eduinfra is an education oriented company that provides resources and consultancy to colleges who want to undertake teacher training programs by helping them understand and comply with NCTE norms. We also support colleges in getting NAG accreditation.

Eduinfra is thus a one stop solution for the needs of various colleges in this regard. We completely supply all library books, lab equipments, sports equipment and other needs that will help you comply with the NCTE standards. This ensures that the certification process is simpler and hassle free as everything is ready and perfect during inspector visits or otherwise.

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